Wednesday, March 08, 2006


International Week

long time no see!
how are you doing??

actually, I was too lazy to keep english diary... that the reason why i havent see you for a long time><

today, id like to write about the International week!

on march 3rd, we had international performance,
we, students from japan dance, and got the first prize!
the theme of this dance was mixture of traditional culture and modern culture

on march 6th, we had food festival.
many students didnt know well about OKONOMI-YAKI, but they seemed to like it.
tipical japanese food is SUSHI, but i was happy to introduce them another japanese food

on march 7th, international promotion,
it was the day for introduce japanese universities to the local students,
actually, many students didnt know about this event, there were few students ><
so i was talking with other exchange students.
we needed much more advertisement of this event

thanks to this INTERNATIONAL WEEK,
i came to know well about other exchange students and i had a chance to promote japan to them and local students

actually, because of international performance,
i could build a good relationship with my neighbors.

i could have a confidence to be more active to communicate with other students.

i can try whatever i want



japanese dressステキだったわよ〜


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